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  • To keep yourself and your surroundings clean. It is a reflection of your inner self.
  • To compete with yourself, and not with others, to achieve more and better, to stretch your potential a little further, the maximum that you can. Remember the sky is not the limit, only you can limit yourself.
  • To know God the creator, to accept this God to enjoy the creations in the universe and to appreciate the beauty and goodness in the universe.
  • To pray to the Almighty to give you the strength to achieve the things you can, and the serenity to accept what you cannot, and above all the wisdom to know the difference.
  • That education is not only the training to read and write, rather it is training the young mind to read the truth.
  • That this great universe and all it contains is the creation of the Almighty; and nothing happens in the universe without His knowledge and consent, however, unfathomable His ways may be. Hence, man should endeavour to work in tune with the nature and the Almighty. Do not pollute nature but keep the ecological balance.
  • To lead a life based on values such as truth, justice, equality, love etc. You should learn to be patient, generous, simple, modest, punctual and dedicated.
  • That you should be well equipped to argue against negligence of girl child, exploitation, torture, dowry system etc. which are evils in disguise. You should become aware of the dignity of womanhood and her role in the family as well as in the society.
  • That you should be aware of evil powers like inequality, injustice etc. prevailing in our society and try to grow in love equality and fraternity.
  • Never to disown, hurt or oppress the poor and the down trodden. You should understand the rough aspects of life that your fellow beings face in their day-to-day life.
  • Not to waste time; there is never enough time to learn to love, to give, to achieve, to wonder, a minute lost is lost forever, it can never be retrieved, if health and wealth are lost they may still be regained, but not time.
  • To be prepared to pay the price of greatness and achievement. Jesus Christ was crucified and killed before he rose from the dead to eternal life; Siddhartha had to renounce his palace, his kingdom and his family and wander for years before he became Buddha; the Mahatma faced the bullets before he became the father of the Nation.